El nuevo material de la banda neoyorkina The Feels que encabeza Christian Migliorese, tras el álbum ‘Dead skin’ del 2016, es un single editado por el recomendable sello Hurrah! Música con un par de excelentes melodías powerpoperas que pueden evocar a Matthew Sweet, Redd Kross, Gigolo Aunts… y que se titulan «She’s probably not thinkin’ of me« y «Is everything alright?«.

El formato físico podrá agenciarse en el bandcamp del citado sello a partir de finales del mes de febrero. Las podemos escuchar y disfrutar ya aquí, en el Exile SH Magazine.
Woke up with a beating chest
I can’t go back to sleep
And even if I did I’d still see her in my dreams
Can’t shake the feeling
This girl’s always on my mind
Always on my mind
She said «Baby, you’re so great, but you’re just not my kind»
And here’s the reasons why…
She said «You’ve got no plan I can figure out»
And «I’m not the one who can bring about»
I need a whole different energy
She’s probably not thinkin’ of me
I wonder if she cried when she put us to bed?
Do i ever cross her mind
Or crawl inside her head?
I loved her so bad
But did I like her at all?
I can’t recall
Couldn’t get a word in without feeling so small!
But that’s all my fault
You shouldn’t fall in love that easy
Fingernails down to the quick
It sometimes works, but you’re always sick
And the highlight reel plays incessantly
But, she’s probably not thinkin’ of me
She’s probably not thinkin’
She’s probably not thinkin’
Probably not thinkin of me!



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